My town, Broken Hill is here.

Hi, my name is Garry, I was born in Broken Hill (above) – a mining town in far western NSW, Australia. Welcome to Minerals and Minerals.


One of my favorite movies is  Blindside with Sandra Bullock and “Big Mike”.





A Common Theme

A common theme running through most articles here is the baseline supplement program of 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids (proteins), and 2 or 3 fatty acids, that was put together by Dr. Joel Wallach, the Dead Doctors Don’t Lie guy.

picture of suject Worked for the NIH
Dr. Wallach, founder of Youngevity, and developer of the 90 nutrient formula.

He became somewhat discouraged after being the young “rock star” for a brief period, subsequent to being black banned for discovering the cure for congenital cystic fibrosis in the late 70s. Mainstream medicine continues to vehemently deny the cure.  There is no money to be made since you cannot patent something that occurs naturally (selenium), too many reputations are on the line, and modern medicine continues to cling to the idea that diseases such as cancer or cystic fibrosis have genetically based causes.

One day not too far in the future mainstream medicine may well find itself under attack the way the Catholic church is now.

It was a genetics v mineral deficiency fight, with “we don’t care about the truth”, thrown in for good measure. And they don’t. And they get away with it.


A Brief Bio



I’ve graduated from two universities.

Christian Heritage College: BA, The rise of western culture.

Griffith Universityboth in Queensland, Australia: Graduate Diploma, Applied Linguistics

I also studied chemistry, physics, and maths at Finders University but didn’t graduate, taking up an apprenticeship instead.


During my high school years, I was a boarder at Geelong College in Victoria.

I’ve had a varied working career:

An Australian football
  • Mining electrician
  • Piemaker in my father’s business, “Larry’s Pie Cottage”
  • English language teacher in Brisbane and Tokyo
  • I reached a semi-professional level playing Australian football in Broken Hill. I thought I would get further.


I am also a gamer. I like StarCraft II. I have posted 3 exemplar missions on YouTube.

Helping People

For one thing, I found helping people very fulfilling. In Japan, I helped all manner of professionals improve their English, thus improving their career prospects. In Brisbane, I was prepping international students for university in Australia. I started teaching in 1997.

The Global Financial Crisis hit the industry in Australia very hard. Student numbers began to fall away. After a while, English language teaching became something that most teachers did only on a part-time basis.

Hanami (cherry blossom spring picnic, in one of the many parks in Tokyo.

The Goal Of This Site

The goal here is to provide people with solutions to their health problems through nutritional supplementation. There are 60 minerals the body needs for an optimized immune system and if any of these minerals are missing for a prolonged period,  some kind of sickness or disease is inevitable


Nutritional supplements become more important with every passing season because crop soils are farmed relentlessly and the minerals are not being replaced.


Health- By Garry Smith



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